Virtual Wine Course - Secrets of Spain by The Nude Wine Co

The Nude Wine Co presents a wine knowledge course like never before!

How it works?

Once you order the Virtual Wine Course we will deliver the wine box to your door. We will send you a Zoom link and on the night we will discuss the wines, styles and regions. Anyone in your household can join, there is no additional fee for the additional people to attend, nor do they need to order an additional box of wine.

Whats included?

All October we will be celebrating the Wines of Spain and there’s no better to end the month then with a tasting of our customer’s favourite Spanish wines. We look at Albarino, which became a trailblazing grape around 10 years ago and has remained one of the nation’s favourite. We then will compare the Gran Cerdo Rioja with the Matsu El Picaro. Both are made from the same grape but are wildly different wines, and both of these reds are in our top 10 best sellers.

This box includes:

  • 1 bottle of Albarino
  • 1 bottle of Matsu El Picaro
  • 1 bottle of Gran Cerdo Rioja
Virtual Wine Course - Secrets of Spain by The Nude Wine Co

Price: €65 pp.


Location: Zoom

Duration: 75 mins each night (approx)

Event information


October 08 2021




Where we are
Foods Wines from Spain
Trade Commission of Spain in Dublin

35 Molesworth Street. Dublin

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