Nov 21 2019

2020 Michelin Guide to Spain and Portugal Awards 30 New Stars

Martin Berasategui now holds an incredible 12 stars, while Cenador de Amós, in Cantabria, is the latest 3-star restaurant.

The 2020 Michelin Guide to Spain and Portugal was presented last night in Seville, at the Casino de la Exposición, one of the city’s cultural hubs, and Lope de Vega Theater. The guide is celebrating its 110th anniversary.

In total, 30 new Michelin stars were awarded. Martín Berasategui’s restaurant earned 2 more stars, for a total of 12, while Cenador de Amós, in Cantabria, is now a 3-star restaurant, the only one in the region.
Five locales received their second star, namely Noor, in Cordoba; Bardal, in Ronda; Skina, in Marbella; Angle, in Barcelona; and El Poblet, in Valencia. And another 19 restaurants received their first Michelin star, among them Magoga, in Cartagena; Tula, in Alicante; Es Tragón, in Ibiza; Deliranto, in Tarragona; Retama, in Ciudad Real; Dama Juana, in Jaén; and Voro, in Mallorca.

This year in particular the guide highlighted restaurants located inside hotels, with Michelin Guide – Spain’s Commercial Director, Mayte Carreño, noting that “15% of the 100 million tourists that visit Spain and Portugal each year come for the food,” according to

Following the presentation of the 2020 Guide, the Michelin star situation in Spain and Portugal is as follows: there are 11 restaurants with 3 stars, 36 with 2 and 194 with 1, for a total of 241.

A special Sustainability Award was also presented, and it went to Angel León, the mastermind behind Aponiente restaurant, which is now the only restaurant in Andalusia with 3 stars.

2020 Spain & Portugal Michelin Guide