What's on: Spanish Pavilion at FOODEX JAPAN 2021

This year, ICEX Spain Trade and Investment  and the Embassy of Spain Economic and Commercial Office will organize three unique areas:

- An Information Corner to help visitors of the Spanish Pavilion and offer them information about Spanish products. In addition, videos about Spanish wines and foods will be performed at screens.

- A Seminar Corner in the institutional stand, in which a total of six special seminars will be held. Three seminars will be about Spanish wines imparted by sommelier Mr. Kazuto Sakurai, winner of Spanish Wine Sommeliers Competition held in 2007. The other three seminar will be about Spanish olive oil and will be conducted by Mr. Toshiya Tada, Chairman of the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan.

    *Spanish Olive Oil Seminars: Mar 9-11, 12:00 - 12:45
    *Spanish Wine Seminars:   Mar 9-11, 15:00 - 15:45

 - An olive oil tunnel with exhibiting area so that professionals may know the quality and varieties of the oils present in the Pavilion. Each bottle will be accompanied by a product sheet explaining their main characteristics and advantages.

The olive oil exhibitors in the olive oil tunnel will be:


Aceites Maeva   
Agro Sevilla   
Castillo de Canena Olive Juice   
The Green Gold Olive Oil Co.