Apr 01 2020

Exports of Spanish Fruits and Vegetables Sets New Record in 2019

Of the total, over 90% of fruits and vegetables are exported to the European Union, mainly Germany, France and the UK

Spanish vegetables. LH Photography. JC de Marcos/@ICEX

According to a recent study on fruit and vegetables published by INFORMA’s DBK Sector Observatory, Spanish fruit and vegetable exports set a new record in 2019, increasing by 4.4% year-on-year for a total value of over 13 billion euros. Specifically, fruit exports expanded by 2% and vegetables by 8%.

The primary destination market for Spanish fruit and vegetables is the European Union, which accounts for an impressive 91% of fruit and 94% of vegetable sales. Within the EU, the main importers of Spanish foods are Germany, France and the UK.
Spain’s fruit and vegetable industry is mainly comprised of small- and medium-sized producers although there’s also a growing trend towards the creation of producer associations. Total sales by the top 20 operators and associations exceeded 4.8 billion euros and the top 30 collectively brought in sales of more than 6.1 billion euros in 2018.

Spanish vegetables. LH Photography. JC de Marcos/@ICEX