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TASTE SPAIN is the motto of this year's Spanish Delicacies and Wine Day that will take place on Monday, May 15th, 2023 at the Hotel Melià Vienna exclusively for professional visitors. The B2B event offers a thorough insight into the world of Spanish delicacies and its wines, all of this in a single day, with a representation of traditional speciality food and promising newcomers to the market. The main event -Presentation & Tasting of delicacies- will be complemented with a seminar on Spanish native olive oil and a „Tapas Corner“.

Program for trade visitors:

  • 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.: Business breakfast at “Das Mezzanin” restaurant in the Interspar store at Schottentor, 1010 Vienna

Gather around with this year's exhibitors and representatives of the Economic and Commercial Office; followed by a guided tour through the delicacies department of the market

  • 1 to 2 p.m.: Seminar “Olive oil - Spain's liquid gold” at the Hotel Melià Vienna

In this workshop, olive oil sensory expert and sommelier Katia Zentner offers an insight into the world of Spanish extra virgin olive oils, reveals exciting details about Spain as the world's largest olive oil producer and imparts basic knowledge about sensory analyzes of olive oil quality - which can be used directly in the subsequent tasting.

  • 2pm to 7pm: Presentation and tasting of Spanish delicacies and wines at the Hotel Melià Vienna

18 exhibitors will present their selected gourmet products and wines for tasting.

Taste traditional delicacies such as tender Ibérico ham, fine olive oils and exquisite Spanish hard cheese, but also exciting market innovations that focus on the topics of healthy nutrition, sustainability and animal welfare: palm oil and gluten-free snacks from quinoa or legumes, alternative duck liver specialties from non-stuffed ducks, sugar-free sweets for competitive athletes, a 100% natural pistachio spread or the finest "Marron Glacé" and other delicacies made from organic chestnuts and much more for conscious consumers.

The represented wineries offer at this year's edition exquisite red and white wines with protected designation of origin, and also bring fruity organic sangria, aromatic vermouth and sparkling cavas to the Danube.

  • During the product presentation: tapas corner by Raquel García Sanchez

Chef Raquel García Sanchez will transform the presented specialties, with creativity and know-how, into inventive and fancy tapas. The visitors are welcomed to enjoy these tapas during the course of the event.

  • 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.: Tapas party at the Hotel Melià Vienna

Informal closure of the event, which will give the opportunity to our exhibitors and special guests -including specialized journalists, restauranteurs and selected importers- to establish talks and networking, while enjoying a selection of tapas.