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Olive oil masterclass

During the event there will be an interesting olive oil masterclass, presented by Mr. Gregor Christiaans.

Gregor Christiaans   Gregor Christiaans is a certified olive oil taster, author of the book Lekker vet – everything about olive oil and host of the only Dutch podcast about olive oil and the Mediterranean diet: Lekker vet. He is also a guest lecturer at the Hogere Hotelschool The Hague, where he gives lectures and workshops on olive oil and he writes articles for the food platform
He also owns the catering wholesaler in Mediterranean products Olijfbedrijf and the consumer website and imports olive oils from all over the world.
His passion for olive oil and his desire to share this as much as possible with consumers, resulted last year in the establishment of his non-profit organization Stichting Olijfolie Nederland, which resulted in the very first edition of the Amsterdam International Olive Oil Competition (AIOOC). It will be held in May this year and more than 70 producers from Spain to Croatia and from France to South Africa have already registered.
Last year, for his merits in promoting olive oil in general, he received the Giorgo Phellas award from the prestigious Ercole Olivario.


Cati Gómez  

Cati Gómez was born and raised in Spain. From an early age, Spanish Ibérico ham played a role in her life. When she moved to the Netherlands because of love, the idea arose to share her knowledge and love for this product with others.

Her company Cati Gómez became a fact. Besides her knowledge about jamón from Spain, Cati Gómez Cortadora is Profesional.

In the Dutch food sector, she can be seen regularly at trade fairs and events, where she gives presentations about Spanish ham, while she cuts the ham by hand in a professional manner.

Besides Spanish ham, Cati also has a lot of know-how about other Spanish delicacies. For example, think of cheese, honey and olive oil.


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