Oct 10 2023

Spanish Beef Producers Get Green Light to Export to Japan

Japan produces 470,000 tons of beef per year but consumes 1.3 million tons, and is the second-leading importer in the world.

Great news for Spanish beef producers: Japan has just approved imports of this product. Following a rigorous inspection of facilities in Spain by the Japanese authorities, they have officially been given the green light.

Spanish producers conform to the European Production model, which ensures food safety, animal wellbeing and sustainability, and respect for the environment. Japan is an important market as it is the second-largest importer of beef in the world, according to a 2017 report from the Food and Agriculture Organization. It’s also worth nothing that the country produces just 470,000 tons per year but consumes 1.3 million tons.

According to Provacuno, Spain’s Professional Beef Association, “[The opening of this] new market is excellent news for our beef industry. Exports to Japan will enable our authorized companies to start selling immediately, as Japanese buyers have wanted safe and quality beef, like ours, for a long time,” according to agronegocios.com. Moreover, the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, which entered into force in early 2019, will further support trade relations.

Beef from Spain is extremely popular in Japan because it comes from animals that are less than 30 months old, which guarantees that it’s tender, juicy and delicious. Spanish producers also will be leveraging their presence at Foodex Japan 2020, where they will be able to network with local buyers and promote their beef.