May 06 2022

Spanish Wineries Show Commitment to Sustainability Through IWCA

Member wineries of the International Wineries for Climate Change are working to decarbonize the global wine industry

There's a new official certification from International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA) for those member wineries committed to setting an example within the industry. The IWCA is a collaborative working group of wineries that are taking action to decarbonize the global wine industry. The goal is to work towards a net zero scenario by 2050. According to the group, the seal will confirm the commitment of members to work towards this important environmental goal. The IWCA is working to create a special audit process to confirm that participating wineries are fulfilling the requirements and to determine a standardized method to calculate their carbon footprint.

IWCA vines

According to Josep Maria Ribas, Climate Change Director at Familia Torres and a founding board member of the IWCA, “The newly created IWCA certificate is an additional asset for the member winery, as it evaluates the consistency of a winery’s carbon footprint, its performance related to GHG emissions reduction efforts in line with the science-based medium and long-term targets, and the winery’s commitment to implementing renewable energy.”

Spanish wineries participating in this initiative include Familia TorresAlma CarraovejasBodega Emina, and Herència Altés. The participation a Spanish bodegas in this important, forward-thinking environmental project is it further testament to their quality and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

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