NUIT, 1F, Happoen

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Nov 09 2021 13:00 - 16:30 h

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Foods&Wines from Spain and #Alimentos de España will hold an "EAT & DRINK SPAIN SEMINAR" on Tuesday, November 9 at Happoen (Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo) for importers looking for unimported foodstuffs and wines from Spain.

With the aim of "increasing awareness and popularity of high-quality Spanish foodstuffs and wines", the seminar will be led by top chef and sommelier in Japan. In the first part of the seminar, Mr. Honda, owner and chef of restaurant Zurriola, will introduce his original recipes using high quality canned seafood from Spain. In the second part of the seminar, Ms. Morimoto, sommelier of Conrad Tokyo, will introduce the latest organic and non-alcoholic wines that could not yet be tasted in Japan". 


  • First Part of the Seminar 13:00~14:30 - Canned&bottled seafood Tasting Seminar

Mr. Honda, the chef of restaurant Zurriola introduces the appeal of Spanish foodstuffs. 

About the seminar:

In this session, participants will learn how to prepare home dishes in a simple way, using high quality Spanish seafood ingredients such as anchovies, oil sardines, tuna and squid. Besides, participants will also have the opportunity to taste some dishes. 


Mr. Seiichi Honda, Owner & Chef of two-Michelin-starred restaurant Zurriola.

After working in a French restaurant in Japan, he moved to France in 1998. After completing his training in Switzerland and France, he moved to Spain and was surprised by the Spanish cuisine. He worked as a chef at Casa Urola restaurant in San Sebastian for four years and returned to Japan after nine years of overseas training. After working as a sous chef at Sant Pau restaurant in Tokyo in 2008, he opened his own Spanish restaurant Zurriola in 2011. 

Filetes de anchoa en aceite de oliva Anxoves de l'Escala
Anchoas Oro Aquí Santoña
Cabo de Peñas Gran Selección Conservas del Noroeste
Bonito del norte Conservera Castreña
Tarantello Industrial Conservera de Tarifa
Puntillas en aceite de oliva Real Conservera Española


  • Second Part of the Seminar 15:15~16:30 - WIne Seminar:  "Organic Wines Tasting Seminar (including one dealcoholized wine)" 

About the seminar: 

Organic wines and non-alcoholic wines have been gaining popularity all over the world in recent years. Therefore, the production of such wines is increasing year by year in Spain. In this seminar, we will introduce the latest organic and non-alcoholic wines that are not yet available in Japan, including the features of the wineries. Besides, the participant will also have the oppurtunity to taste the wine. 


Ms. Miyuki Morimoto, Sommelier of the Conrad Tokyo. 

She joined Conrad Tokyo in 2014 as a Beverages Specialist. After that, she started working as a sommelier at a boutique hotel in Australia in October 2017 and at The Grove restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand in 2018. She then returned to Japan in 2019 and backed to Conrad Tokyo again as sommelier. In 2020, she won the second prize at the 9th J.S.A Contest of the Best Sommelier of Japan.

Viña Xétar Rosé Frizzante Dealcoholised El Progreso S.C. de Castilla-La Mancha
Helga Biopaumerà
Blanc de Noirs Biopaumerà
Finca Tresolmos Lias Bodegas Garciarevalo
José Pariente Fermentado En Barrica Bodegas Garciarevalo
Azabache Organic Crianza Fincas De Azabache
EGO Barrica Selección La Bodega de las Estrellas
EGO Amphora La Bodega de las Estrellas



Capacity: Max. 50 participants each (pre-registration required)
Participation Fee: Free
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