Jul 19 2023

Historic Wine Tasting Event in Switzerland Showcases Malaga Designation of Origin

Wine enthusiasts, oenologists, winemakers, and private collectors gathered in the commune of Saint-Saphorin on the shores of Lake Geneva for an extraordinary tasting of historic wines from the Malaga Designation of Origin.

Set in the scenic vineyard area of the Lavaux district, a designated World Heritage Site, a tasting showed participants a remarkable selection of wines and a captivating journey through the history of Málaga Wine.

The tasting was organised by the sommelier Michele Caimotto of Wine Rose who led the event with the expertise of Malaga winemaker Victoria Ordóñez.  He was also assisted by José Manuel Moreno Ferreiro and Javier Aranda from the Regulatory Council of the Málaga and Sierras de Málaga Designations of Origin, as well as Javier Krauel, who provided historical insights into the wineries and wines showcased.

The tasting began with white wines from Sierras de Málaga Designation of Origin from the Victoria Ordóñez winery. The guests had the pleasure of tasting the Monticara 2019, the first barrel-fermented dry muscatel made in the province; and Voladeros 2020, the first Mountain Wine to be produced since the end of the 19th century and a remarkable dry white produced with the Pedro Ximénez variety from the Montes de Málaga.

Afterwards, soleras of 19th century Málaga wines were presented for tasting, including esteemed vintages such as Larios from 1857, 1866, and 1868, as well as the remarkable solera from Bodegas Scholtz dating back to 1885. From the beginning of the 20th century, soleras from the wineries Málaga Virgen, Compañía Mata and Krauel were introduced. The oldest bottle sampled was a Larios from 1800. In total, fourteen bottles, four of dry wines and ten of sweet wines, showcased the depth and diversity of the Málaga Wine heritage.

Throughout the event, attendees were enlightened on the history of Málaga Wine, spanning from its origins to the present day, including the distinctive types of wines and production areas. The tasting also explored the renaissance experienced by Málaga Wine in the 21st century, exemplified by the exceptional whites, reds, and rosés of the Málaga -  Sierras de Málaga DO. Specific aspects such as the importance of the Málaga wine trade during the 18th and 19th centuries, the German wine merchants, the impact of the phylloxera crisis, and even the imitation of Málaga wines in Europe and America.

The tasting ended with a limited edition of the wine Voladeros Ghiara 2017, from Bodegas Victoria Ordóñez e Hijos. This special vintage was named after Baldomero Ghiara (1849-1924), a producer of Pedro Ximénez white wines, celebrated author of winemaking manuals, and an influential patron in the early years of his nephew, Pablo Ruiz Picasso.