Mar 24 2023

The Terroir Workshop by Grandes Pagos de España to Launch in Mexico and the US in Summer 2023

This project seeks to teach students about the impact of geography, culture, people, and history on wines’ identity

Wine lovers are going to be able to get a crash course in terroir culture, thanks to a new initiative from Grandes Pagos de España, a top association in Spain comprising 36 single estate vineyards. Members are carefully chosen and there’s a large focus on quality winemaking and viticulture, among other aspects.

Grandes Pagos de España will be offering The Terroir Workshop, the goal of which is to go beyond traditional wine topics and teach students all about the importance and role of terroir in winemaking.

The course will be launched initially in Mexico and Miami and Los Angeles to industry professionals as well as consumers in August 2023, and there are plans to expand to other locations in the future. It will be led by top wine ambassadors/educators and will spotlight the best pagos in Spain, a single vineyard designation. The educators will talk about the impact of culture, geography, climate, people, and history on terroir in 8 different regions, among them the Mediterranean, Meseta Central, Green Spain, and the Ebro River Valley.

The course will include about 8 to 10 hours of guided education and tasting, the latter being an especially critical component. Ultimately, the goal is to cover how the wineries in the Grandes Pagos de España have unique and singular identities based not only on their culture, history, and geography, but also on the people who are making their wines today.