Mar 24 2023

Cava DO Reports Best Sales Figures To Date

The designation of origin also reports that exports are growing strongly in both established and emerging markets

Cava makers are indubitably opening a bottle of cava to celebrate the good industry news. The DO recently reported its best figures to date, with total sales amounting to 249 million bottles in 2022, up more than 4.5% compared with 2021. Its president views the figures as extremely positive and highlights the product’s resilience, especially considering how challenging the previous years have been.

Cava also impressed with its popularity beyond Spain, as 69% of the total sales were exported to other countries, primarily Germany, the US, Belgium, the UK, Sweden, and Japan. Cava also saw double-digit growth in its exports in Switzerland, where sales increased by over 50%, Brazil by 24%, Estonia by 22% and Lithuania by 21%.

As for consumption in Spain, DO Cava also experienced growth, with sales up more than 13%, to 77 million bottles. Consumers are showing a clear preference for cava, enjoying it especially at bars and restaurants.

The DO attributes its success to the important zoning and segmentation changes made in 2021 as well as the focus on sustainability, and expects the sector’s good performance to continue in 2023. The new quality seals, which provide consumers with exhaustive information, are already enhancing buyers’ experience and will continue to do so.