May 12 2023

10 Opinion Leaders and Buyers Visit the Fenavin Trade Fair to Learn More About Spanish Wines

The 2023 edition of Fenavin, a leading trade fair for Spanish wine in Ciudad Real, recently drew to a close after running from May 9th to the 11th.

In total, 1921 wineries from all over Spain showcased their products across multiple pavilions for over 19,000 buyers, of which more that 4000 were international and came from over 100 countries. Even more impressive, the fair welcomed more than 117,000 visitors and estimates that it gave rise to 519,000 commercial contacts worth 106 million euros.

Opinion Leaders and Buyers Visit the Fair

A group of 10 opinion leaders and buyers attended the fair. After a warm welcome on the first day, they met with different wineries in the wine gallery, which was followed by a lecture in English entitled  “A walk among Spanish wines,” given by oenologist and vine grower María Antonia Fernández Daza and focused on La Mancha PDO wines.

Then María led them in a private wine tasting called “Unique wines from Ciudad Real.” The guests were then served lunch at the Fenavin restaurant, which was followed by meetings with different wineries.

In the evening, they had the option to visit Bodegas Reconquista for a tour, a wine tasting, and a small reception

Day 2

The next day, the group of opinion leaders and buyers met with exhibiting wineries in the Wine Gallery, followed by a roundtable discussion entitled “Spanish wines: Main strong points in international markets.” It was moderated by María, and the participants were Marcelo Copello, a Brazilian opinion leader in the wine sector; Monica Bielka-Vescovi, an international wine expert; and Zbigniew Kawalec, executive director at

After the discussion, the group was able to network with exhibiting wineries again, and then attended a second roundtable discussion entitled “500 Parker Points” featuring wineries with wines that have received 100 points from Robert Parker. This included Bodega Pérez Barquero, Bodega Familia Nin Ortiz, Bodega Marqués de Murrieta, Bodega Contador, and Bodega Rafael Palacios.

The opinion leaders and buyers were again given the opportunity to connect with wineries, followed by a private wine tasting under the same theme as the lecture, “A walk among Spanish wines.”

Day 3

On the final day of the fair, the group accompanied journalists to meet with Manuel Juliá, the director of Fenavin, followed by their final meetings with exhibiting wineries.

BuyersVisit to Murcia

Once the fair concluded, the five buyers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Ghana and Australia traveled to Murcia to learn more about the local products and gain first-hand knowledge about the region and its wine sector value chain. This visit was organized by ICEX and Instituto de Fomento Región de Murcia.

Days 1 and 2

After traveling south, they headed to Yecla to visit Finca El Espinal – Bodegas Castaño. From there they headed to Bodegas La Purísima as well Conde Montornes for two separate wine tastings. Afterwards, they went to Bodega Barahonda to tour the facilities and for lunch.

That afternoon, the group traveled about an hour to Bullas to visit the regulatory council’s offices, followed by a tour of Bodega San Isidro. That afternoon, the group enjoyed a group wine tasting featuring four different wineries: Bodega San Isidro, Bodegas Carreño, Bodegas Llano y Monte, and Bodegas Saura.

Day 3

On the group’s last day in Murcia, they traveled to Jumilla. Their first stop was a tour of a traditional vineyard followed by a tour of the Jumilla Wine Museum. Then they enjoyed a masterclass and wine tasting featuring local wines from 8 different wineries: Bodegas y Viñedos Asensio Carcelén, Parajes del Valle Bodegas y Viñedos, Esencia Wines, Bodegas BSI, Bodegas Luzón, Bodegas Olivares, Bodegas Delampa, and García Carrión 1890.

Lunch was served at the Jumilla Wine Museum, followed by a visit to the historic center of Jumilla, including a stop at the Jumilla DO offices.

The group then enjoyed the city’s archeological museum, after which they headed to De Loreto Restaurante for yet another wine tasting featuring 8 different wineries: Bodegas Bleda, Bodegas Silvano García, Bodegas Viña Elena, Bodegas Alceño, Bodegas Carchelo, Bodegas Salzillo, Ego Bodegas, and Bodega Madrid Romero. The tasting was followed by a networking dinner at the restaurant, which also concluded the buyers’ visit to Murcia.