May 05 2023

Adrià Presents 2 Wine Volumes from Bullipedia in New York City

The chef teamed up with Juvé & Camps on this project to translate the first two tomes into English—a massive endeavor

The English edition of the the first two volumes of Wine Sapiens, a Bullipedia project led by Ferran Adrià, founder of elBullifoundation, and Ferran Centelles, head of beverage and content research at the Foundation, was presented on May 4th in a world premiere at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Prestigious cava brand Juvé & Camps also participated in the presentation, further evidence of its commitment to winemaking and gastronomy.

The Bullipedia collection is comprised of 8 volumes and is the world’s most exhaustive encyclopedia on gastronomy and wine, with more than 4,000 pages and 3,500 photos. This is the first time Adrià and Centelles have presented the conclusions reached in this project, which required more than 6 years of research and writing.

The cava maker and Adrià worked together to translate the texts, and the first 2 volumes are now available for sale. The first volume is entitled Wines. Contextualization and viticulture, and the second volume is Wines. Vinification and Classifications.

According to the winery, “It’s both an honor and a source of pride to embark on this adventure to support a project as important as the English translation of Bullipedia and to support its presentation internationally, and to do it alongside one of the great icons in the culinary revolution like Ferran Adrià and his wine expert, Ferran Centelles.”

“A few years ago, we embarked upon the Bullipedia project with the purpose of bringing together in a holistic way all the existing knowledge on the gastronomic restaurant sector in one place, delving on subjects such as the world of wine, the service at a restaurant, cooking, management, and history. In short, this is a project that aims to make future industry professionals better and to encourage self-learning. Wine Sapiens is one of the great chapters under the Bullipedia project and should be useful to all wine professionals working in the restaurant sector.”, said Adrià.

Ferran Centelles added that "it is thanks to Juvé & Camps that elBullifoundation was able to translate and publish this masterful compendium of knowledge in English, a project that seeks to gather, generate, and organize the content needed to create the most complete wine encyclopedia focused on gastronomy and customer service. The book combines creativity and innovation with the purpose of becoming a learning and educational tool”.