May 26 2023

Spanish Producers Win Big at the World Vermouth Awards

 The World Vermouth Awards just wrapped up and Spanish brands stood out in particular, in multiple categories.

In the World’s Best Semi-Dry Vermouth, Marnuthem 2021 2 Ensamblaje was a gold winner, and in the Best Semi-Sweet Vermouth category, Vermut Siderit took home a silver medal. Among the Sweet Vermouths, St. Petrioni Vermello was among the gold winners, along with Vermouth Farlatti Bianco. Vermut Miró Bianco, Vermouth Grisetti Bianco, Zecchini Formula Tradicional and also Edicion Limitada, Vermouth Maronti Reserva, 987 Vermouth Red, Barañano Egurrez all received silver distinctions. And bronze winners included Vermú de Garage, Enseña Vermut Selección, Vermouth Maronti Bianco, Vermouth Farlatti Rosso, and Zecchini Bianco.


Candidates were assessed by impartial, rigorous judges who sought to ensure that the very best vermouths were distinguished. Taste categories included dry, extra dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, and sweet. Bottles were also evaluated based on their design.

This competition provides an outstanding opportunity for producers to highlight their products in front of an international audience, and it offered Spanish brands a fantastic platform to raise awareness about the quality of their products.