Nov 06 2023

International Sherry Week Kicks Off With Activities in 25+ Countries

From Australia to the US, restaurants and bars are organizing tastings, pairings, and seminars to inform consumers about the joys of Jerez wines

It’s that time of the year again! International Sherry Week, now in it’s 10th edition and organised under the auspices of Consejo Regulador Jerez-Xeres-Sherry, has officially kicked off, and every year it gets bigger and better as more people learn about, and fall in love with, Spain’s most famous fortified wines.

This event is also more international than ever, with activities being organized in 25+ countries, including Brazil, China, Australia, Poland, Romania, Colombia, and Finland.

From November 6th to the 12th, sherry tastings and pairings will be held everywhere, helping to raise the profile of this unique wines and show consumers how well it pairs with many different types of food.

This includes a sherry tasting at Flying Dutchman Cocktails, in Amsterdam; a Jerez and food pairing (prepared in a Josper oven) at Avida Bar, in New Zealand; an intro to the history, geography, and production of Jerez along with a tasting and tapas pairing at The Old Lord Raglan, in France; and a sherry and cheese pairing, followed by paella and dancing, organized by a Peruvian sherry association.

Event organizers have reported that Jerez wine sales have increased by as much as 500% during the week celebrations, and that due to exposure, sales tend to continue to grow afterwards as well.

The event coincides with the recent release and presentation of chef César Saldaña’s work, The Book of Sherry Wines, in English. His extensive, 500-page resource has been translated and is now available to English-speaking Jerez fans. This year will also present the first edition of Feria En Rama, a sherry walkaround at the Hotel Chelsea where Saldaña will present his book, and there will be a blind tasting, a seminar on the future of Jerez, and live music in the evening.