Apr 08 2024

Sales of Cava DO Reach New Record High in 2023

Spain’s premium sparkling wine saw growth in high-demand markets like Germany, Belgium, and the UK, and remarkable growth in Brazil

Great news for Spanish producers of cava: sales for 2023 reached a new record high. They increased by 4% year-on-year, with a total global sales figure of 252 million bottles, an impressive 2.7 million more than in 2022. Interestingly, the sparkling wine that saw the most growth in Spain in 2023 was cava, up in volume (by 3.9%) and in value (up 10.6%).

The markets where demand for premium sparkling wine from Spain are Germany, where there was a 4.14% increase in demand; the US; and Belgium, where demand increased by 5.44%. Sales in the UK also performed well, with growth of 5.38%, while Brazil is a growing market for this Spanish product, and sales here expanded by more than 75%. Cava is the Spanish DO with the largest exports, which count for 70% of its sales.

Rose Champagne / Pink Champagne being filled into Glass, selective focus

As for sector trends, rosé cavas saw a 3.31% year-on-year bump in sales in 2023, and organic cavas proved to be extremely popular, with sales increasing by more than 24%. This may be party due to new regulations by which all Guarda Superior cava will be 100% organic by 2025.

According to Javier Pagés, president of the Cava DO  Regulatory Council, “The increase in quality sparkling wines in Spain reflects the fact that the appreciation of consumers is constantly growing, and they are looking for higher quality cavas.“