Feb 26 2024

Miguel Torres, in TIME’S List of 100 Leaders in Climate Change Action

Torres created the International Wineries for Climate Change and Torres & Earth, and he’s leading the change to a regenerative viticulture model

Spain is in the news once again, this time thanks to Miguel Torres, from Bodegas Torres. He was recently named one of the 100 most influential people leading the change for climate action by TIME magazine. Torres is a pioneering winemaker who appeared in the “Innovators” category. He was the only wine producer in the entire ranking.
Torres stood out in particular for being the creator of an association called International Wineries for Climate Action, a working group of “environmentally committed wineries taking a science-based approach to reducing carbon emissions across the wine industry.” It has also been involved in leading projects like SmartCrops 5.1, which aims to use different types of technology to help adapt winemaking to the changing climate conditions.
He also launched Torres & Earth, a climate action program to minimize the sector’s impact by reducing its carbon footprint.

A project with major environmental benefits

But perhaps one of Torres’ most important projects is his Regenerative Viticulture project, through which he encourages wineries and producers to switch to this model, which has major environmental benefits. He is implementing this model in his organic vineyards in Catalonia, to “bring life back to the soils and make it possible to regenerate them, as nature would, based on a holistic vision of the land.” The goal is to share information and experiences with other wineries so they can help each other with regenerative management.