Jul 16 2020

Infographics: What Does Andalusia Taste Like?

Andalusia is one of Spain's most well-known regions internationally. Its traditional culinary repertoire includes true gastronomic gems. Shall we try them together?

Foods & Wines from Andalusia

There are many different outstanding foods that come from Andalusia, but there's one that stands out in particular: extra virgin olive oil. Andalusia is the primary producer and exporter of liquid gold, an achievement attributable to its history, weather and, of course, innovation. The extra virgin olive oil industry in Andalusia is the most modern in the world and is also one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable. Andalusia has 13 Protected Designations of Origin for extra virgin olive oil and one Protected Geographical Indication, PGI Aceite de Jaén, which was recently authorized by the European Union.

These quality seals are true protectors of native olive varieties like Picual, Hojiblanca and Manzanilla. Few consumers know that Andalusia is also a source of tropical fruit, which is extremely popular in Europe in particular: we're mainly talking about avocados, cherimoya and mangos. Other fruit from Andalusia include all types of berries, including strawberries. Around 85% of European production of this delicious, healthy fruit comes from farms in the Andalusian province of Huelva. 

It's worth mentioning a fruit that's not usually eaten fresh but is the key ingredient in a sweet product with very close ties to Spanish tradition: the quince in quince paste. This fruit is primarily grown in Puente Genil, a town in Córdoba.

Table olives, of which there are many varieties and fillings, are an emblematic food in Andalusia. So is charcuterie and ham, represented by DO Jabugo (100% Ibérico acorn-fed ham), PDO Jamón de Serón and PGI Jamón de Trévelez (cured ham from white pigs).

Andalusia's repertoire also includes canned bluefin tuna and mojama, a centuries-old product of the highest quality with a European quality label: Mojama de Isla Cristina PGI & Mojama de Barbate PGI

Wine lovers around the world are familiar with the fortified wine tradition in Sherry-Jerez-Xérès and Montilla-Moriles, but few know about the region's excellent red, white and rosé wines made in DO Condado de HuelvaDO Málaga-Sierras de Málaga, and other emerging Spanish winemaking areas.

Text: Rodrigo García Fernández

Translation: Samara Kamenecka