Feb 17 2021

What Does Murcia Taste Like?

Murcia in the southeast of Spain on the shores of the Mediterranean has the perfect climate for growing truly outstanding fruits and vegetables. But Murcia is also home to a lot more than that...

What does Murcia taste like?

This region is known as Europe's garden due to the variety and quantity of fruits and vegetables grown on its fertile land. Today it remains a leading area in exports of those products, which have close ties to the Mediterranean Diet and healthy eating: cucumbers, zucchini, tomato, lettuce, eggplant, artichoke, broccoli... These products leave Murcia every day on their way to many European markets and also other continents, both fresh and canned.

This Spanish region, which gets more than 300 days of sun each year, is also home to other outstanding gastronomic products. This includes its delicious goat's cheeses and cheeses with Protected Designations of Origin like Queso de Murcia and Queso de Murcia al Vino .

Its famous Calasparra rice is grown in an environmentally significant area and in line with sustainable farming methods. Murcia is an important producer of nuts, fruit like Jumilla pears, traditional cold cuts and also select products with a 2m000-year tradition in the region: salt-cured fish, like mojama and hueva (made from tuna loin and roe, respectively).

Murcia is also among the world's main producers and exporters of lemons and grapefruit, and one of Spain's most traditional spices, pimentón, is produced farther inland. Wine lovers will be delighted by the excellent quality of the wines made in DO JumillaDO Yecla and DO Bullas, where Monastrell is the main red grape variety.

Text: Rodrigo García Fernández /@ICEX

Translation: Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX