Jun 18 2024

Yes, Chef!: How to Cook Rice with Omar Allibhoy

The UK-based Spanish Chef shows his love for one of the most humble yet versateile ingredients

Omar Allibhoy (Madrid, 1984) is one of the great promoters of Spanish cuisine in the United Kingdom. The chef is one of the main figures responsible for popularizing the concept of tapas among the British and is the author of Tapas Revolution, a book that has become a classic of Spanish gastronomy and has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Allibhoy is currently in the spotlight because he has just published a book called Paella, in which he not only discusses the famous Valencian dish but also offers an overview with his favorite rice recipes and his tips for achieving the best possible version. In our new installment of Yes, Chef! he talks about rice dishes with the passion for gastronomy that characterizes him.