Nov 05 2021

Caviar Riofrío Buys 1,000 Sturgeon from Ebro Foods for Over €500,000

Last year Caviar Riofrío sold half a kilo of its organic caviar, the first of its kind in the world, for €8,000

Caviar Riofrío is looking to up its game in the market with a few strategic moves. In a bid to broaden its variety and increase production, the company recently bought 1,000 Beluga and Osetra sturgeon from Grupo Hisparroz, part of Ebro Foods, for more than half a million euros.

Caviar Riofrío Sturgeon

Last Christmas, the company sold its organic Beluga caviar, the roe measuring 3.5 mm compared with the usual size of 2.8 mm. Half a kilo of this extremely impressive limited production caviar sold for 8,000 euros.
Caviar Riofrío is a leader in the market with more than 30 years of experience, and raises the three most appreciated varieties of sturgeon at its fish farms: Adriatic, Osetra and Beluga. Its organic caviar is the first of its kind in the world and the company raises its sturgeon with an organic diet, zero antibiotics and in line with regulations from the Andalusian Committee for Organic Agriculture. The production process is extremely lengthy and represents a long-term investment. Only the females yield caviar, but the fish don’t reveal their sex until after 14 to 16 years. Add to that unexpected natural disasters that can arise, and it’s a relatively risky business.

Caviar Riofrío