Feb 21 2022

Eater.com Names Mallorca As Top Destination Where To Eat in 2022

Mallorca is home to unique foods and products like sobrasada, tumbet, ensaimada, coca, and bunyols

Eater.com has revealed a list with its favorite places for travel and food in 2022 and of course Spain is on the list, and more specifically, Mallorca. The list comprises just 13 places across the globe where the food "offers a captivating narrative, a reason to visit right now." The destinations that made the grade are home to unique food traditions that are thriving and deserve to be understood and enjoyed in all their glory.

Mallorca, part of Spain's Balearic Islands, is probably best known for its beautiful sandy beaches and hidden coves. It's also home to ancient olive groves, rural retreats, and medieval villages. But people may not realize that the island has an incredible culinary repertoire. Chefs have been committed for years the sustainable agriculture and tourism, and while Covid may have battered many dining scenes, the opposite occurred in Mallorca. As the number of tourists declined, restaurants filled with locals, who challenged chefs to adapt to their preferences and serve a wider range of seasonal dishes made with local ingredients. Mallorca’s food scene has indubitably been transformed by international chefs who have worked on the islands for decades and tourists who have visited from every corner of the globe, but subtle changes in recent years make more than worthy of a visit.

Ensaimada from Majorca

Traditional products and dishes you should try include ensaimada mallorquina, coiled-shaped pastry; bunyols, similar to doughnuts; sobrasada, spreadable sausage; tumbet, eggplant, red peppers and potatoes in a tomato sauce; and coca, flatbread dough.

Valdemossa restaurants in Majorca