Jun 24 2022

Esencia Joselito, A Unique Fat Extract Obtained Using a Revolutionary Technique

The extract, which maintains the ham’s organoleptic qualities, contains monosaturated fats and natural antioxidants

A new product from Joselito is set to shake up the culinary scene. Esencia Ibérica, as it’s called, is essentially fat from Joselito hams, perfect for use in haute cuisine applications.  The extract can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as in an emulsion and as a preservative.
Incredibly, the extracted fat contains the ham’s best organoleptic qualities and preserves and even strengthens the fat’s sensory and healthy characteristics. Moreover, the zero waste process is environmentally friendly as it has a small carbon footprint.

Joselito Esencia fat

The essence is extracted using a revolutionary approach, which is still pending a patent, and was developed by the company’s research department, in cooperation with the team at A’ Barra restaurant and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

This completely natural essence contains the unique benefits found in Joselito hams and comes from pigs that feed exclusively on grass and acorns. The hams, once produced, are left to “rest” for at least 36 months. During that period up to 42 different kinds of molds and yeast form, giving the ham and its fat a series of exclusive characteristics. Esencia Joselito is heart healthy as it contains monosaturated fats, primarily oleic acid. It also contains natural antioxidants.

Joselito Esencia