Oct 21 2022

The Empeltre One, A Beer Made from Olives, Receives SIAL Innovation 2022 Award

OliBa Green Beers are the first of their kind in the world and two types are available: The Empeltre One and The Original One

Spanish innovation is on display once again. Grupo Costa’s creation, The Empeltre One, which one of the varieties of its OliBa Green Beer, has beat out more than 100 rivals to win the SIAL Innovation 2022 award for the best alcoholic beverage. The SIAL trade fair was recently held in Paris, from October 15th to the 19th.
OliBa Green Beer is the first beer in the world made from olives, in this case from Bajo Aragón.

A panel of food industry experts awarded the most votes to this incredibly unique, natural beer, assessing aspects such as originality and adaptation to new market trends. Says Iván Caelles, OliBa Green Beer’s CEO, in goaragon.es, “This is fantastic news that allows us to increase our the international awareness of our brand with a different, original product that surprises conventional beer drinkers. This award motivates us to keep doing what we love: experimenting and setting beers apart from the others.”
There are two types of OliBa Green Beer: The Empeltre One, which has a more intense and creamy flavor, and The Original One, which has a more mild flavor and a refined aroma with a subtle touch of olive.
The brand is no stranger to awards. It took home 2nd place in the World Class Food & Beverage category at the International Taste Awards in Dubai in 2022, and it won another innovation award from the Olive Oil School of Spain, among others.