Aug 03 2023

Spain, a Leader in the European Union in Aquaculture Sustainability

Spain stands out for its very high sustainability indices, its commitment to protecting different species, and its overall respect for the environment

A recent report on aquaculture revealed that Spain is the undeniable leader within the European Union, with very high sustainability indices, and a notable respect for the environment and a commitment to protecting species. The sector in Spain prides itself on providing food security while also preserving nature.

Spain ranks first in the EU in terms of production volume and second in terms of production value, which totaled 629 million euros. Moreover, there is a lot of scope for growth and the sector, which is highly competitive, continues to expand each year.

Spain is also a leader in terms of innovation and is highly focused on scientific production, the development of centers of excellence, and on improving everything from animal welfare to product transformation so as to achieve 100% sustainability.

Unsurprisingly, Spain has the perfect, strategic location for aquaculture, as it’s surrounded by water and is rich in natural resources. Moreover, it’s home to many rivers and tributaries, which further support its commitment to aquaculture. As a result, Spanish aquaculture is one of the most diverse in the world, in terms of species cultivated and breeding systems.