Dec 11 2023

The Rise of Unusual Turrones: With Jamón Ibérico, Beer, Potato Chips, Gin Tonic...

Torrons Vicens is based in Agramunt, one of turrón's birthplaces, and previously explored signature blends with beer as well as gin and tonic, in collaboration with Albert Adriá

The times are changing for turrón. In the last years, this classic Christmas Spanish delicacy is evolving, with brands creating new and surprising flavours besides the traditional ones. One of the companies that is no stranger to experimenting with flavors is Torron Vicens. In the past, they have worked with chef Albert Adrià on versions of turrón with beer as well as gin and tonic, among other ingredients. Other brands, such as Turrones Virginias, also offer interesting specialties, such as truffled turrón with vermouth from Reus and potato chips, and truffled tomato bread turrón with green olive oil and fleur de sel.

This year, Torrons Vicens has made it again. The brand, which has been making turrón since 1775 in the town of Agramunt in Catalonia, has launched Jamón Ibérico turrón together with one of the best-known entrepreneurs in the Spanish sector, Enrique Tomás.

This new turrón is flavored with Ibérico ham. This option is a Jamón Ibérico and almond praline with a ham and chocolate crunch. According to Torrons Vicens, it's a "mix between salty and sweet that works very well" in the case of turrón. As an example, they also have a turrón with salt, chocolate, almonds, Maldon salt, paprika and tomato, which works "very well with both a white wine and a glass of cava.”

The Catalan company is Torrons Vicens distributes its turrón de Jamón Ibérico and the rest of its products all over the world. Currently, the brand exports to Mexico (its main market) and to Dubai (where it has its own store) as well as to Canada, the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Italy and France, where it also has its own points of sale.

Different Spanish turrones have a protected status (PGI) to ensure that quality and production are in line with traditions. Turrón is defined as a hard confectionery made by cooking sugar and honey and adding roasted almonds and egg white. The Protected Geographical Indications applies to Turrón de Alicante, Turrón de Agramunt and also Turrón de Jijona, a soft version made by cooking sugar with honey and adding and kneading in roasted almonds and egg whites.