Dec 27 2022

Make this New Year Special with Spanish EVOO

How do you get your New Year’s celebration feast off to a good start? Spain’s Extra Virgin olive oil is a highly versatile, premium touch - from appetizer to dessert.

Can you tell we’re excited about nochevieja and the new year? If you want some delectable tips on how to make your New Year’s celebrations extra flavorful, look no further than Spain’s Extra Virgin olive oil. It’ll add good taste to your party - as well as giving you a chance to wow guests with your culinary knowledge!

First up, let’s talk aperitivo hour and those reception picapica nibbles. If you’re offering dips with chips, the only way to garnish is simple - a good dash of Spanish EVOO will keep your dips from drying out, while adding that quintessential Mediterranean flavor. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try a simple recipe for baking bread with olives and rosemary - and don’t forget a bowl of Extra Virgin olive oil for dipping! More seasoned cooks might want to flex their muscles with creamy croquetas de jamón - with EVOO.

Are you planning a salad appetizer this New Year’s Eve? Combine Vinagre de Jerez DOP with a premium Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil. Then add some Spanish sea salt and black pepper to make a divine sherry vinaigrette that combines well with any salad recipe. Opting for soup instead? Try your hand at the typical Spanish fish soup - this is a tasty broth from Málaga  combining hake, tomato, leek and, you guessed it, Extra Virgin olive oil.

If you’re serving up an entrée for your guests, there is no better garnish than a drizzle of EVOO to complement the dish - adding an aesthetic touch while whetting the appetite. Whether you’re serving a meat platter, seafood, vegetables, rice or pasta, Spain’s Extra Virgin olive oil elevates the flavor in the food, giving it a gourmet mouthfeel that is perfect for this special occasion. A good example is the Catalan escalivada - make this easy plant-based dish by roasting red bell peppers, aubergine (eggplant), garlic and onion - whole - and then remove the skins and slice the vegetables into strips on a plate. The garnish, of course, is Extra Virgin olive oil.

French Bouillabaisse fish soup with seafood, salmon fillet, shrimp, rich taste, tasty dinner. Side view, close-up, menu.

And, finally, who hasn’t tried EVOO in desserts? One of the key combinations here is Extra Virgin olive oil with chocolate and salt, although variations on desserts can include caramel or green tea flavor. Whatever chocolate dessert you are planning, a splash of EVOO and a scattering of Spanish sea salt crystals make a sublime pairing. You heard it from us first!

Make it special, with this New Year’s EVOO from Spain!

closeup of some spanish croquettes in a white and blue enamel plate on a rustic dark gray wooden table, against a black background