Feb 17 2023

Campaign Underway to Promote Ibérico Pork Among Chinese Customers

The campaign includes ham carving training for local chefs and activities to raise awareness about Ibérico products among Chinese consumers

Spain’s most famous flavor is extending across Beijing at the moment, thanks to the ASICI, an Ibérico Pig professional association. The group is presenting its campaign entitled “Ibérico ham from Spain, European ambassadors throughout the world,” the goal of which is to increase its consumption in an important market like China.

This campaign, which has received funding from the European Union, has also been launched in other countries and is comprised of a series of promotional activities so as to raise awareness about this very special Spanish product. For example, it includes training for chefs in ham carving and actions to raise awareness about Ibérico pork so that local consumers better understand this unique product.

Slice of IbÈrico ham

According to ASICI, “This is a global project to strengthen our position in international markets. Spain considers China to be a priority market due to its size and to consumer perception of Spanish products being high quality… In the first 11 months of 2022, sales of Ibérico pork shoulder increased by 35% year-on-year. China is one of our campaign’s epicenters.”

There has been an agreement in place since 2018 to increase the number of Ibérico products exported to China, which includes everything from loin, chorizo, and salchichón to fresh pork.