Feb 10 2023

Spanish Spice Brand Carmencita Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

The company’s products are now available in over 65 countries and it’s currently building the largest factory of its kind in all of Europe

Carmencita, Spain’s spice brand par excellence, is celebrating its 100-year anniversary.

The family-run business, which was originally created in 1923 by Jesús Navarro Jover, continues to operate with the same values since day one, as well as its longstanding commitment to quality and innovation.

Over the last century, Carmencita has grown from a Spanish company to an international one, and its products are now available in over 65 countries and counting. It also has its own spice plantations around the world.

The company offers a broad range of herbs and spices, from capers, basil, and cinnamon to curry, clove, and mustard seeds; teas and infusions; botanicals for cocktails; different types of salt; seasonings; and paella-related condiments. They have around 700 products at present.

Carmencita’s journey is marked by countless milestones. In 1960, the company started to diversify its range of products, and in 1985 it launched its now-famous paella condiments. In 2017, the company created a professorship at the University of Alicante to research, raise awareness about, and train students in Mediterranean gastronomy.  

Carmencita is currently working on a new spice factory, expected to be the largest in Europe, at 30,000 square meters. The factory, which will be equipped with the most modern machinery production and packaging and equipment available, will be built and will become fully operational in 2023.