Mar 14 2023

You Say Potato, I say Spanish 'Patatas' Chips!

Pay homage to one of the world’s best loved snacks on National Potato Chip Day by celebrating in style. We mean with Spanish 'patatas' chips, of course!

One of the world’s best-loved snacks - the humble potato chip - has come a long way since its beginnings. Nowadays, potato chips are a welcome party offering, a crunchy side garnish and even an innovative addition to recipes. So, what happens when we add patatas chips from Spain to our crunching endeavors? Let’s find out in time for National Potato Chip Day on March 14th!

First up, we need to find out what sets Spanish potato chips apart. It could be the example that brands such as Bonilla a la Vista are setting. They elevate the snack to new heights with quality ingredients - using locally sourced Extra Virgin olive oil and sea salt to season carefully selected potatoes.

Next, let’s pay some attention to technique. You can find traditional patatas chips in most churrerias in Spain - small local churros shops or food trucks. Here they slice the potatoes super thin for maximum crispiness, before deep frying onsite. Meanwhile, Chef José Andrés and San Nicasio Extra Virgin olive oil chips are slow-fried to give an even crunch and prevent them from burning. Some artisan manufacturers even pan-fry, resulting in pleasingly uneven chips.

Finally, we need to take a look at some of the modern flavor innovations in the Spanish market. Take, for example, the black truffle or Espelette pepper potato chips by Pafritas, or the jamón ibérico and even fried egg flavors on store shelves! World-renowned Spanish chef Ferran Adrià famously reimagined the tortilla española by combining eggs with potato chips instead of the traditional sautéed potato slices, for a more textured twist on this classic national dish of Spain.

The great thing about potato chips from Spain - apart from the taste and texture - is that they are a quality snack for social occasions. Pair your favorite bag of potato chips from Spain with a bubbly Cava DO for perfect contrast… just please remember to share with us!