May 09 2024

Tapas Restaurants Open Across the US Confirming Popularity of Spanish Food

New outposts are opening their doors in Georgia, New York, and Colorado, aiming to recreate the tapas culture with authentic food and a social experience

Spanish tapas are certainly taking the world by storm these days, as several new restaurants open their doors throughout the US. This boom reflects growing interest in eating authentic Spanish tapas and experiencing “tapas culture.”

Beyond the restaurants that already have the Restaurants From Spain certification in the US, where tapas usually play a leading role in the menu, many other establishments are opening devoted to this iconic Spanish gastronomic concept.

The fideuá is a traditional dish (similar to paella) whose main ingredient are noodles, which are cooked with other ingredients such as fish, seafood, etc .; It is a typical dish of the Spanish Mediterranean.

In New York, two new tapas restaurants are open in the Hudson Valley. In Newburgh, Bar Brava is serving tapas and pinchos to hungry locals. From fried eggplant and grilled octopus to Spanish tortilla and Spanish meatballs, this new restaurant was inspired by the chef's trip to Spain, where he fell in love with tapas culture. In Kingston, Mirador is a new restaurant that pays homage to Andalusia. The goal is not only to serve authentic Spanish fare, but also to create the same atmosphere: with tables close together and the goal of becoming a place for the community to come together.

In Colorado, four new tapas restaurants have opened their doors: Bésame, in Steamboat Springs; Gemini, in Boulder; Ultreia, in Denver; and Bin 707 Foodbar, in Grand Junction.
It's clear that tapas remain Spain's most famous culinary export. And it's not just about the food; it's about the social experience. The fact that new restaurants are popping up across the US is a testament to their deliciousness, popularity, and power as a culinary force.