2021 Foodtech Events

- April: The rise of alternative protein in the World.

We will investigate the alternative protein boom of the food sector, on both a national and global scale, as well as the different solutions that Spanish foodtech players are offering, especially those with a clear commitment to tap into our national gastronomic value including locally sourced ingredients and products that have the potential to make their mark on global markets and foreign palettes.

- October to December: Desafia Foodtech Netherlands 2021.

An initiative that will enable meaningful connections between the Spanish and the Dutch food ecosystems. Through this program, not only do we support Spanish startups' expansion by facilitating their international scaling, but also, Dutch industry leaders will be given a chance to learn about new, ground-breaking food tech solutions. It's a win-win for everyone!- TBC: Building on freshness: the great taste challenge

We will address the importance of technology intensive supply chains, new ways of growing food locally including indoor cultivation and precision agriculture as well as field sensorization and direct-to-consumer models, in order to create a synergy between our gastronomic value and new technology. We will also analyze the technologies that allow us to grow local products that are tastier, fresher and more organic than ever before and that meet our gastronomic level for global export.- TBC: The importance of origin: for a more transparent food chain.

We will delve into the gastronomic and cultural importance and heritage of Spanish food´s origin, including renowned foods like hams and wines as well as other high value products that make us a staple in global food. We will also tap into the importance of supply chain transparency, and reveal the foodtech players behind the development of different technology powered solutions that will help protect not only our title as a top food provider, but also the consumer from the likes of fraud and the possibility of poor conservation.