Spanish startups engaging food security through Traceability and Technology

This webinar explores the role of Spanish startups in advancing food security through the integration of Traceability & Technology. 

Nowadays, Spanish agrifood industry is addressing challenges and one of the biggest is traceability, one of the critical elements in food chain, as modern customers demand more transparency about the products.

To ensure the continuous growth and prosperity of the agrifood industry, a commitment to food traceability and safety throughout the entire supply chain is a necessity.

The webinar aims to highlight Spain's role in advancing traceability and food safety within the agrifood value chain. Esteemed speakers include Maria Naranjo, the Agrifood Industry Director of ICEX, María José Sáiz from CNTA, and pioneering startups CEOs, Iván Nieto Gorostidi representing Nulab, Luis Chimeno co-founder of Oscillum, and Farayde Matta Fakhouri, from Bio2Coat Natural Preservation Technology.