Nov 24 2022

CPG packaging innovation is essential

With a high number of startups rising, CPGs need to pursue something that sets them apart, having technology as their ally. Innovation in packaging is a valuable differentiating factor new and already established companies can adapt for capturing the attention and meeting consumers demand.

There has been a major shift in consumer and cultural thinking towards sustainability, with many of them responding with alarm to the shocking statistics about packaging's environmental impact.

Many companies are already responding to this demand with more sustainable options in terms of innovative packaging solutions that range from bioplastics, mushroom cardboard, smart packaging, compostable packaging, refill stations, among many others.

Additionally to consumer’s demand, regulation has also been introduced in recent years. EU has introduced a tax on non-recyclable plastic packaging waste (€0.80/kilogram), pushing companies to act as soon as possible.

Spain’s companies are already aware of the demand in this sector, creating some disruptive solutions. Some of the leading spanish companies in innovative packaging include Oscillum, a smart label packaging company that with a change of color, the packaging is able to tell you information about the spoilage of the food product inside, with the objective of reducing food waste in the markets. Also, Feltwood develops technologies to produce ecological industrial materials, 100% vegetable fibers, from agricultural waste, being a real alternative to plastic, wood and agglomerates with multiple applications.

Oimo Bioplastics, a barcelona based startup is developing a portfolio of marine degradable and compostable packaging solutions, within only 4-6 weeks, for manufacturers and end brands.

The packaging industry has a huge market to cover. Consequently, new projects in this department can contribute and help small and large companies become more sustainable, and with that, help the planet in a positive and significant way.