Discovery Trip


Once the online module has been completed, the participants travel to Spain where the “On-site Spanish Gastronomy” begins. Participants undergo two weeks of intensive training in Hospitality Schools including the Basque Culinary Center (BCC) in San Sebastián. During these weeks participants dive into the Spanish gastronomic culture, including product presentations, innovation workshops and visits to industries and companies in the field, studying practical success stories as they go. 

The “Discovery Tour of Spanish Gastronomy” take the participants to different regions of Spain. This intense, week-long journey will give them the opportunity to discover products in their natural surroundings, as well as get a first-hand look at the rich culinary culture of Spain.

The Program comes to an end with the celebration of the closing ceremony and presentation of diplomas at ICEX’s headquarters in Madrid. ICEX’s firm commitment to the international promotion of Spanish gastronomy not only serves as a strategic axis for the promotion of foods and wines from Spain, but also a fundamental pillar for the transmission of an image/country whose products are characterized by their diversity and quality; an image of a modern Spain for which our hotel chains serve as exceptional ambassadors – of great international prestige – as well as our chefs.