Chengdu, China

Spain Food Nation Summit China 2023

The Spain Food Nation Summit 2023 will take place on the morning of September 28th at the Niccolo Hotel in Chengdu highlighting the quality of Spanish food and beverage and boosting trade relations between Spain and China.

The Spain Food Nation Summit 2023 is a brand-new event launching this year and China has been identified as a key market for agrifood exports for Spain. Chengdu with a population of over 20 million is the capital of Sichuan and traditionally the hub for western and central China. Known for its pandas, now it will also host the Spain Food Nation Summit 2023.

The event targets a select audience of Chinese importers, representatives of the Foodservices and distribution industry, key opinion leaders, as well as specialized press. 

The event will offer a unique framework for the #SpainFoodNation Advisory Council to present its conclusions about the agrifood products of Spain in the Chinese market. Experts will give crucial inputs to understand the market situation and best practices, thereby setting the path for future strategies for Spanish imported products in China.

To accomplish the important task, gather and align a diverse and representative number of views on different subjects, two Advisory Councils have been established: A beverages and wine Council, and a Foodstuff Council. To complement their view, non-key experts have been consulted and participated in some steps of the process to gather specific insights. The project consists of three distinct stages.

Stage 1 focuses on providing a solid understanding of the sectors and main promotional initiatives involved by conducting a comprehensive product overview and formulating hypothesis to guide the project. 

Stage 2 comprised a plan of interviews and meetings to reach the Advisory Council Members Conclusions. This comprised one on one interviews, online group interviews on the 14th and 15th of September as well as the Advisory Council physical Meeting in the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Beijing on the 22nd of September.

Stage 3 will be the delivery in two Round Tables of the Advisory Council Conclusions by the members during the SUMMIT. 

For more information about the members of the Advisory Councils, please visit the section “Speakers”, and the programme in “More Info

Besides the event will also offer the opportunity to display the icons of the Spanish pantry, enhancing Spain’s image of high quality, diversity and healthy diet. This will enable the attendants the opportunity to get to know first hand some of the most representative products that Spain exports to the Chinese market.  

Campaigns and Product Interprofesionales present in China will be able to enhance their exposure and offer a unified image of Spain as SpainFoodNation in front of a select audience.

The Economic and Commercial as well as the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food sections of the Spanish Embassy in China will also present Spain Food Nation and the situation of the agrifood sector of Spain in China. 

To provide networking opportunities among attendants a cocktail and tapas executed by a certified Restaurant from Spain will be offered.


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Chengdu, China
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