Experts for the advisory council have been selected considering representatives, attending specifically to professional profile, geographical and tier coverage, product and gender equality in its composition.

The representativeness has been achieved in terms of:

  • Experts profiles: with a similar distribution among the different key profiles (Importers/distributors, retail/etail, HORECA professionals, associations and media)
  • Geographical coverage and tier coverage. We have distributed the profiles in a balance manner between North-Beijing area, Eastern-Shanghai Area, South-Guangzhou&Shenzhen area and Center-Chengdu&Chongqing area. Most of them nevertheless provide a wide view of the overall Chinese market. 
  • Product coverage: there are experts for wine, beer, vermouth and spirits for one council and, for the other, prepacked food (this includes olive oil, olives, condiments, etc...) meat, fruits and nuts, dairy, confectionary and bakery, fisheries and others related to the food council

All of the considered experts have an adequate position and experience, proven track record and willingness to be part of the ICEX Advisory Council China.



Du Yi, 杜一, Founder and General Manager in Qingtian Macro Import and Export Trade


Du Yi, a dual national with both Chinese and Spanish heritage, frequently traverses the cultural and commercial divide between Spain and China. His unique position endows him with profound insights into both nations, as well as a keen understanding of their distinct consumer markets.


With extensive experience in importing an array of Spanish gourmet products into China, Du Yi has accumulated extensive knowledge about wine and gourmet food numerous. .He is also is also experience in promoting these products which is essential in setting future strategies.

Du Yi is well-equipped to provide strategic view o wine promotions in regards to importers viewpoint. He has engaged in numerous marketing and promotional activities across different countries of origin that gives a complete view of the marketing and promotion of imported wine and alcohol in China.


Xiong Yaqin, 熊婭琴, GM of CQ branch in Shanghai Juerui Industry Co., Ltd.


Xiong Yaqin (Ivy) possesses a deep understanding of the Spanish wine and agrifood products and international market and has successfully built strong relationships with suppliers from Spain. Her expertise lies in sourcing high-quality products, , promoting them and ensuring  delivery, both for restaurants and retail. 


With her dedication and strong cultural knowledge and fluency in multiple languages, she is adapted at navigating the complexities of introducing new products to different markets in China, including the Chengdu-Chongqing region. Along with extensive contributions to promotional activities especially for wine, she brings a crucial viewpoint of the imported wine strategies in the Chinese market and combining its promotion with other Spanish products.



Sun Kailong, 孙凯龙, Director in Jenny wang.


Sun Kailong (Victor) is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the retail sector, specifically specializing in imported food, spirits and wine of which he is a lover and an expert. With managing his company over seven years, Victor has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of market dynamics, consumer preferences and promotion efforts, making him a trusted authority in the industry.


When it comes to imported wine and alcohol in Chinese market, Victor has rich experience in their consumers' preferences and behaviour.


Victor's rich experience in retail brings an essential view of the market from consumer side especially in Beijing.



Chen Wei, 陈威, CEO in PutaoJiu.com.


As the co-founder and CEO of Guangdong Putaojiu.com, Chen Wei has extensive experience in online wine marketing and promotions in China. He grew his company to serve +1000 well known winieries and importers inside and outside China with 350,000 registered distributor users.


His wide network of valuable connections gives him a full understanding of wine supply chain stakeholders in China. His marketing and promotional activities proved very successful in expanding his company throught the years.


As a distinguished online wine marketing and promotions professional, Chen Wei is always innovating and engaging in new marketing trends as well as having a close connection with offline market especially in the South region. 


Chu Honglin, 褚宏辚, Chief Editor in Chinese Cuisine. 


Chu Honglin brings with her over 17 years of active involvement in the F&B industry and related media sectors. Her profound passion for wine and wine culture, coupled with an extensive knowledge base, equips her to curate the magazine's content related to wines and alcoholic beverages, among others.


Her professional journey spans various aspects of gastronomy-oriented media management, which includes conducting interviews with professionals in the food and wine industries, as well as organizing media events. Notably, Chu Honglin has also served as a final judge for food and wine pairing competitions in 2019 and was invited as professional evaluator on the CCTV Cookery King Competition program and other wine-related events.


Wang Cheng, 王成, CEO in Shandong Anxunman Trading Co., Ltd.


As a professional in the wine industry, Wang Cheng has rich experience in national market research and brand planning. From 2013 to 2017, he worked at Esencia del Carche in the Jumilla, Spain, where he was responsible for the winery brand operation and investment promotion in the Chinese market. In 2017, Wang Cheng started to establish an import and export trading company and started to operate winery brands as well as successively inspected nearly a hundred wineries in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, and reached cooperation with nearly 20 wineries. 


In 2019, Wang Cheng built a standardized wine warehousing and logistics tasting center, providing clients with upstream services such as winery negotiations, shipping, customs clearance, production area inspections, and trademark protection and registration services. He is committed to the multiculture of wines from the world.




David Liu, 柳森, Wine Trainer in China Alcoholic Beverages Education


He obtained Bachelor's degree of Oenology, College of Enology of Northwest A&F University of China prior to WSET diploma (The earliest 30 WSET level 4 certificate holders in mainland China) .

He devoted himself to spread of wine culture and tried his best to help wine lovers and practitioners learn about wine. He firmly believed that "Learn More, Drink Better", and everyone can enjoy the fun of wine through learning.

Worked for JD.com from 2008 to March of 2023 as Director of Wine Academy of JD University.  Certified instructor of WSET courses in UK. Official certified lecturer of many national wine regions like Sherry, Rioja wine, New Zealand wine, Argentina Wine and Germany Wine, and has organized hundreds of wine tasting events and courses in China's major cities.



Guo ChunYu, 郭春渝, Marketing Director in Easy best.


Guo has accumulated almost 20 years of experience in the F&B sector and 12-year tenure at Easybest, where she has assumed a pivotal role in innovative marketing initiatives, boosting business expansion, and nurturing relationships with various stakeholders. Easybest, with Guo's role, has successfully established suppliers from over 20 countries, including Spain. Guo brings a wealth of knowledge in many food categories such as meat, seafood, cheese or prepacked food.


With her numerous achievements in marketing she possesses creative marketing and promotional tools. She has participated in numerous promotional activities across many product categories and regions as well as various techniques that distinguishes her in the marketing field of imported food market in China.




Zhang Henyu, 张振宇, Head Chef in Chef Zhang.


Chef Zhang, based in Chengdu, the professor of Sichuan Tourism University, has multiple interesting experiences to be considered including restaurant owner, lead role in a cooking school, in a chef’s association and as chef himself, with extensive experiences both in Chinese and western food.


With two decades of unparalleled experience in his repertoire, he has garnered widespread recognition in the culinary realm, having worked in restaurants in Spain, France or Costa Rica.

Chef Zhang's multifaceted expertise extends to collaborating with numerous Food and Beverage (F&B) enterprises and prestigious five-star hotels.


Chef Zhang has been an instrumental collaborator in several high-profile European Union (EU) campaigns, including the acclaimed "Colours by Europe" and "EU PORK: Excellence from Farm to Fork," among others. His knowledge and extensive engagement with EU initiatives shows his profound understanding of European culinary traditions and the intricate nuances of the F&B industry.


Chef Zhang brings the insights from inside the kitchens of China. Not only he brings insights from consumers perspective, he is also engaged with suppliers and restaurant managers that opens a window to a crucial part of the imported food and gastronomy market in China.




Jingfang Hao, 郝景芳, International Relations and Purchasing Manager in Pales. 


Jing is a seasoned industry leader who leads business operations related to meat (pork meat, ham, cold cuts, beef, etc) with over 70 meat suppliers, including a diverse array of providers, such as prominent pork suppliers hailing from Spain, Portugal, UK, the Netherlands, France, Canada, as well as Brazil's pork suppliers. 



She is not only experienced in operational aspects as, she is also engaged in marketing and promotional activities. Her responsibilities extend to both EU and non-EU countries, each with its unique marketing activities and target audiences. With her profound industry insights and expertise, Jing opens window into importers, suppliers and consumers world for the meat industry.


Xue Yan, 薛岩, Senior Director in Chunbo. 


Xue Yan (Sophia) is the a key member of the China Food Association and  Senior Director of the ecommerce platform Chunbo Technologies. She has a deep understanding of agrifood, specially for fruits, prepacked food, meat and seafood and a keen eye for China and international trends. 


Her passion for e-commerce and her dedication to providing agrifood products have propelled her to success and a solid reputation. She also has cultivated strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide, allowing her to source products from different corners of the globe. Her ability to identify emerging trends and bring them to the market has earned her a reputation as a trendsetter.


Xue Yan has passion for gastronomy and cultural events with a special passion for Spanish culture. She has been engaging in numerous marketing activities for many countries that gives her expertise in positioning and marketing strategies that can effectively address the target consumers.


Yang Yawei, 杨亚微, Managing Director in Corner's Deli.


Yang Yawei (Jackie) is the General Manager of Corner's Deli, probably the highest end chain for imported goods in Southern China, covering a very wide range of products.


She has worked in the retail industry for 22 years and is dedicated to promoting imported products as Corner’s Deli run several country promotions a year. Her current main focus is to introduce more high-quality imported products to the Chinese market, mostly to her chain in the south of the country.


With experience working with suppliers from multiple countries and promoting products from around the world, She has a deep understanding of imported products and is familiar with the characteristics of the customers and promotional techniques.


Wang Yuxiang, 王宇翔, CEO in Douguo.


Wang Yuxiang is an expert introduced by Beijing Municipality and has been the chief planner of professional dietary publications for years, such as Food and Nutrition: A Guidebook on Reasonable Diet for School-Age Children and Work and Practice: Cooking and Nutrition. Wang Yuxiang is also a practitioner of Internet lifestyle service and is committed to the construction of outstanding lifestyle service platform. In 2011, Wang Yuxiang chose food sector as his starting point to found Douguo, which has developed into the leading food interactive community network in China.


Douguo, as a big data and artificial intelligence technology company, which covers four major sections, including Douguo AI nutritionist, Douguo App, dietary education and Douguo Cloud, with the mission of letting everyone eat better and healthier. It devotes to comprehensive dietary solutions, nutritional and reasonable dietary planning, and healthy lifestyle.