Mar 21 2023

GREAT BRITISH CHEFS - The Foods and Wines of Spain

From Galician seafood and Valencian rice to La Rioja wine and award-winning Aragonese truffles, it’s fair to say that Spanish food and drink is all about celebrating what’s on the doorstep. In our culinary journey around Spain, we dig into the places, produce and people which contribute to such a vibrant gastronomic scene


(...) We immerse ourselves in Spain’s thriving cities, from famed food havens including San Sebastián to the likes of Málaga, where the food and drink scene has blossomed over the last two decades. Chefs there and around the country are blending tradition with innovation, including Dani Carnero, who has worked in some of Spain’s top kitchens, Quique Dacosta, who is known for revolutionising Valencia’s dining scene, and Elena Arzak, who artfully balances tradition and modernity. Read on to recreate their masterful recipes and learn more about the excellent food and wine of Spain (...)

The Complete Food Guide to Galicia

The Complete Food Guide to Cantabria and the Basque Country

The Complete Food Guide to La Rioja and Navarra

The Complete Food Guide to Valencia and Murcia

The Complete Food Guide to Catalonia and Aragon

The Complete Food Guide to Andalusia

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