Jun 08 2022

A Record Number of Gold Medals for Spanish Wines at Decanter Awards

As this prestigious competition, 22 wines from Spain received platinum
medals, 92 received gold medals, and 789 took home silver medals

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An impressive 92 wines took home gold medals, including Dorado Dulce, from Bodegas de Alberto; Tempranillo Blanco, from Rioja Vega; Tradición Rosal, from Quinta de Couselo; and Tentiber, from Alicia I Josep Viticultores.In the silver category, there were 789 wines distinguished with this medal. They were Munia Roble, from Viñaguareña; Tierra Alta de 2 Cotas, from Valduero; Rare Escuadrilla, from Lustau; and La Viña de Mi Madre Reserva, from Finca Albret, among others.

Lastly, in the bronze category, 1177 wines from Spain received a medal. This
included Pita Finca La Bonera, from Viñedos Verderrubi; Laderas de Cabama, from Bodegas Valenciso; Viña Real, from CVNE; and Raltollo 24m, from Viñas del Ródan.

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