Apr 20 2022

Online Store Made in Spain Gourmet Aims to Bring Spanish Products to Consumers in Europe

The store, which features an extensive selection of products, already has customers from Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, the Netherlands, and Italy

Made in Spain online store

The theory behind this project makes perfect sense: If a vast majority of tourists that visit Spain are from Europe, and gourmet Spanish foods are hard to come by in their native countries, why not make their favorite Spanish delicacies available to them as easily as possible? The very wide range of food and drink available includes wines and other alcoholic beverages, snacks and nuts, olive oil, cheese and cold cuts, tinned products, rices and legumes, sauces and condiments, sweets, and a range of gourmet gift options.

Since it was originally launched in 2020, it has reached consumers everywhere from Italy, Denmark, and Austria to France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The products available include extensive information, which helps consumers understand where they were made and how they can be used. The content published on the store is released every week and translated into 23 languages.

Made in Spain online gourmet store
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