Feb 11 2022

Demand for Canned Txakoli Grows in the US

Cans are easier to recycle and have a smaller carbon footprint compared with glass, plus they’re the perfect packaging for a product like txakoli

Sometimes companies look to unconventional methods or strategies to stand out in the crowd and meet their consumers’ demands, and the Alava-based winery Artomaña Txakolina is one of those companies. Its refreshing, slightly sparkling white wine from the Basque Country, txakoli, is defying the norm these days.

This family-run business is committed to the environment and innovation and its exclusive and limited production is exported around the world. The company is making headlines recently because, instead of using traditional wine bottles, its packaging its txakoli in cans.

Canned txakoli Artomaña

Although this may be a more unconventional route, this option has many advantages when it comes to the final product. In fact, it's the perfect packaging for young fresh wines meant for immediate consumption, like txakoli. Additionally, cans are more environmentally friendly than glass as they're easier to recycle and have a smaller carbon footprint.

This winery is the first to sell its white wine in cans in the United States, where it's growing in popularity. In fact, last year the company sent two 70,000 shipments of canned txakoli to the US and is currently preparing a third. This format, though perhaps unusual, came to be thanks to suggestions and requests from customers, who have expressed their desire to drink txakoli from non-glass packaging.

From a technical standpoint, cans are superior to bottles as they can be enjoyed in a wider range of places, from beaches, campsites, and sporting events to movies and concerts. This bodega also exports its wine to Australia, Japan, Russia, and Guatemala, where the canned format is also becoming increasingly popular.

Txakoli cans