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Spanish white grapes

Makro is a distributor of high-quality products for gastronomy. The chain offers a wide range of Spanish wines, presenting a wide palette of styles and grape varieties, appellations and wine regions from every corner of Spain. During the annual Makro Academy, the Spanish Embassy and Foods & Wines from Spain organize tasting for wine sellers of wine sections in Makro stores from all over Poland.

Three Spanish emblematic varieties will be presented: Verdejo, Garnacha Blanca and Albariño.

Marqués de Riscal Verdejo - Bodegas Marqués de Riscal

Spanish white grapes - Verdejo - Marqués de Riscal

White wine of the Verdejo variety, typical of the DO Rueda appellation.

The wine comes from the iconic producer Marques de Riscal. In 1895 it won a honorary award at the the world exhibition organized in French Bordeaux as the first non-French wine in history. After the success of red wines in Bordeaux, Marques de Riscal bought vineyards in Rueda, a region famous for growing white varieties. These investments attracted other winemakers to Rueda and contributed to rebuilding the region's wine traditions and establishing an appellation.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Marques de Riscal enjoys well-deserved fame and world recognition. The wines become target of many forgeries. To prevent this, the winery uses a metal mesh to protect the cork. Since then, the golden mesh becomes the hallmark of the Marques de Riscal.

Marques de Riscal Verdejo has an intense aroma of tropical fruit, fresh fennel and grass. It is fast and refreshing in the mouth, with a slightly tart finish typical of the Verdejo variety. The wine is all about freshness and excellent acid balance. It will pair perfectly with fish, seafood, chicken, pasta and as a summer aperitif.

La Sastreria Garnacha Blanca - Makro

Spanish white grapes - Garnacha Blanca - La Sastrería (Makro)

This wine comes from the DO Cariñena appellation in Aragon.

The entire Sastreria serie (which means “tailoring’ in Spanish) is a tribute to the Spanish grape variety of Garnacha. Its red versions are popular in the north of Spain, including regions like Cariñena, Rioja, Priorat, Montsant. Garnacha Blanca grows in the appellations DO Cariñena and DO Terra Alta.

Garnacha is a variety that originally comes from Spain, but also has become popular in other countries of the Mediterranean. Every year in France, the international Grenaches du Monde competition takes place to choose the best Garnacha wines. And every year the Spanish Garnachas win gold medals there.

Garnacha Blanca is believed to be a mutation of the Spanish red variety. It spread through the Pyrenees to France, finding a second home on the Rhone Valley. Today, along with wines from the Spanish Cariñena and Terra Alta appellations, it is the main ingredient of the wines from the French appellations Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Côtes du Rhône.

Garnacha Blanca has usually high alcohol content and low acidity, with notes of citrus and herbs. Its vigor can lead to overproduction, but when the winemakers control the crops efficiency, it acquires rich flavor notes and contributes to the longevity and body of the wine.

Sastreria Garnacha Blanca has a yellow straw color with green reflections. It has an intense aroma of flowers and white fruit. In the mouth it is dry with citrus accents. Delicate, balanced acidity gives it freshness.


Albariño Rias Baixas Ribaflavia - Makro (Martín Codax)

Spanish white grapes - Albariño - Ribaflavia

This is the exclusive label for Makro from well known Spanish producer Martin Codax.

Albariño is a grape star from the north of Spain, Galicia, on the map the scrap of Spain above Portugal. Geographically this land is very interesting. An ocean goes deeply into the land through the rivers turning them into sea bays. This is the Rias coast (rías in Spanish). The best Albariño in the world comes from right there, the DO Rías Baixas appellation.

The landscape in the Rías Baixas is dominated by lush greenery and rocky coast. The vineyards are strongly influenced by the Atlantic. The ocean brings coolness and a lot of rain to the region. The heavy fog in the morning is a common picture in Galicia, even in the summer. But do not forget we are in Spain. While ripening, in July and August, the Albariño grapes are bathed in the sun all day long.

The vineyards of Albariño are very romantic and photogenic. For better ventilation and to prevent fruit diseases, the grapes grow lifted 2 meters high on pergolas.

Albariño wines are the perfect reflection of the climate. They are marine, crisp and acidic, with subtle aromas of citrus or stone fruit. Young Albariños are the most popular, they are ready to drink just after the harvest. But more and more producers nowadays age their wines, with excellent results, on the fine lees ("sobre lías" is the Spanish expression). Such wines perform nicely for several years and will surprise you with velvety, buttery aromas. If you like this style of wine, you will be delighted with the Spanish Albariño sobre lías.


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