Eat & Drink Spain-Weeks at restaurant COSITA

That special something. A little treasure that needs to be protected, an emotion with which the heart is deeply attached. It is not so much a gastronomic concept, it is an attitude to life that Pablo Gonzalez and the Cosita family have created. Spanish joie de vivre and cheerfulness are paired here with Swabian meticulousness and striving, resulting in hospitality in the restaurant, in the associated hotel, all the way to historic wine tastings and culinary tours.

A family atmosphere that is hard to beat. Over 430 positions fill the wine list with an extraordinary depth of vintages of some rarities from Rioja to the 1920s. The cuisine is Spanish and inspired by the Mediterranean.

Here you will find gazpacho for summer days, rack of lamb and lamb fillet in aniseed crumbs on green beans and paella de Mama Gonzalez. None of this is magic, but clean, deep-rooted craftsmanship.


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October 15 2022




Gratweg 2 (72336)
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