Oct 13 2022

Zamora Seeks to Position Itself as a Cheese Leader with Fromago Cheese Experience

The Fromago Cheese Experience recently came to a close, drawing cheese experts and aficionados from around the globe. With around 200,000 visitors expected, this international cheese event sought to put Zamora on the world cheese map. The first edition of this event was held from September 15th to the 18th and it will be held every two years.

There were approximately 330 stands and 270 exhibitors, including all of those from the province, many from elsewhere in Spain, as well as those from Portugal, France, Belgium and Italy, the latter being this year’s guest country.

The 4-day street fair featured not only cheese vendors, but also cultural and educational activities about cheese, as well as tastings, workshops, cooking demos, and roundtable discussions.

This event gave Zamora the chance to highlight the amazing Queso Zamorano PDO  cheese. This hard cheese is savory and nutty and has a hint of piquancy and is made from the milk of Churra and Castellana sheep from the area, which give it its unique flavor. Other noteworthy cheeses from the area include Burgos cheese, a slightly firm and creamy cheese made with ewe’s milk or a mix of ewe and cow’s milk; and Villalón cheese, a fresh ewe’s milk cheese that boasts a sweet, milky flavor and has a soft texture but is dense on the inside.

The fair involved the local hospitality industry by organizing a tapas competition. Participating restaurants sought to wow both locals and tourists by creating imaginative and delicious tapas while giving cheese pride of place.

Additionally, a new protected geographical indication, Queso Castellano PGI was presented at the fair. Cheesemakers in Castile-León will produce these high-quality cheeses, which will be made from sheep’s milk and though traditional methods. 

The first edition of this international fair highlighted local and national cheeses and attracted exhibitors and visitors from France, Belgium, and Italy

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