A Fresh Look At Old Favourites Zoom Tasting by Ely Wine Bar

Three of Spain’s best-known wines - Cava, Albarino & Rioja – but not as you may know them!

Featuring 3 of the most dynamic and exciting producers in each region, this is a fresh look at some of the very best sparkling, white and red wines of Spain.

  • Alta Alella Mirgin Rosé Riserva Cava, Alella 2018
  • Zarate Tras da Vina Albarino, Val do Salnes, Rias Baixas 2019
  • Tobia Selection de Autor Rioja, 2018

Wine tasting prices include 3 full bottles of wine delivered to your door, plus live online tasting.

What a difference a year makes. Usually at this time of year we’d be running two or three sold-out wine tastings a week, from the vaulted cellars of Ely Bar & Grill in IFSC. This year, well, things are different, but we are still committed to hosting the most enjoyable, entertaining and educational wine tastings that we can. This time though, you don’t even have to leave your house. This is how it works – We will have all of our upcoming wine tastings on our website. You book which ever tasting takes your fancy, and we will send the wines to you – three full bottles – along with some general tasting notes and a zoom link for the tasting. Simple. Because they are full bottles, these tastings are ideal for couples, housemates or just very keen individuals!

Price: 100€.

Zoom link will be emailed.

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October 05 2021



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