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Jun 12 2023 12:06 h - Jun 22 2023 12:06 h

Welcome to our soft landing program! Desafia Foodtech Netherlands 2023, an initiative by ICEX in collaboration with Unknown Group, aims to foster meaningful connections between the Spanish and Dutch food ecosystems. This two-week program is designed to assist startups in expanding their operations by providing international scaling opportunities. Additionally, it offers Dutch industry leaders a chance to explore cutting-edge food tech solutions.

For Spanish startups and small companies seeking to enter the Netherlands, this program is the perfect fit! We will guide you in identifying the ideal product-market fit and help you establish your business successfully within the Dutch food tech market. Our program offers a range of activities, including internationalization strategy workshops, sessions on Partnership development, visits to industry leaders, one-on-one matchmaking sessions, and a mentoring program. By participating, you will gain access to some of the world's most innovative technological ecosystems.

An initiative by ICEX in collaboration with Unknown Group:

Unknown is an early-stage venture capital and business development firm. A Venture Engine® supporting founders and industry leaders to successfully bring innovations to the market. With our fresh approach, we deliver venture success, lining up the industry and creating a pool of solutions ready to be adopted by the market.

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