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Food4Future in Bilbao - F4F is a three-day event to which startups from previous programmes as well as those chosen from this year will be invited. Additionally, we will use this occasion to host some project-related events (workshops, roundtable discussions, and a Get in the Ring battle show).


The workshops are an interactive and engaging learning experience designed to provide participants with practical skills, knowledge, and tools that they can apply to their work. It involves hands-on activities, collaborative problem-solving, and expert facilitation, providing an opportunity to learn from peers and experienced professionals. Workshops can cover a wide range of topics and are an excellent way to gain new insights, expand their skill set, and prepare for challenges and opportunities in the industry.


A growth advisory session is a meeting between a startup founder or team and an experienced business expert. The purpose of the session is to provide the startup with valuable knowledge and insights that can help them overcome obstacles and achieve their growth goals. Startups will receive calendar invites for each weekly session with the Growth Advisor: an experienced mentor who will help them in their internationalization strategy.


Immersion Program

Day 1 - Introduction

June 12, 2023

Kicking off with an introduction of the team and the program, we will be discussing all practicalities and facilitations available during the upcoming two weeks. This session will be hosted from Titaan, an innovation hub and multi-company building for creative companies. Then, there will be a workshop on Right to play: How to assess your ‘right to play’ in the selected market. Later, we will close the day with welcome drinks at Titaan with an event.

Day 2 - City visit Delft

13 June 2023

On day two, the startups will visit Delft and specifically the Biotech campus: Planet and immerse themselves in Ubald Kragten's captivating session. During the session, elements such as go-to-market challenges related to scaling and rightsizing, covering technology, infrastructure, costs, market, customer, product, and pricing will be discussed at their auditorium. Later that day, a tour of Planet,

Presentation IQ, Gettinge, DSM, network drinks and pitches would be offered at Planet Biotech Campus.+

Day 3 - & Matchmaking Day

14 June 2023

During this day, the GA session 4 will happen. Then the founders will have free time to catch up with their responsibilities. Right after lunch, the Matchmaking Day will start. This will be a hybrid event consisting of 1-on-1 meetings of 20-30 minutes between the startups and industry leaders and investors.

To close the day there will be networking drinks and a roundtable of The Future of Open Innovation Event.

Day 4 - Wageningen

15 June 2023

On day four, there will be another city visit! In Wageningen, startups will visit the University, and the innovation center of the region: Foodvalley. As well, startups will be able to visit the StartHub and chat with a representative from Unilever. At the end of the day we will travel to Ede and visit Nizo and finally we will have drinks and dinner together.

Day 5-6-7 - Day off

16 to 18 June 2023

On these day no activities will be scheduled to take a break from the program. The startups can use this day to do some sight seeing on their own, catch up with some work or just take a nice rest.

Day 6 - City visit Utrecht

19 June 2023

On day six, the startups will visit Utrecht. There, startups will have the opportunity to visit Open Innovation at Rabobank HQ and have lunch at the same time that Brave New Food offers a presentation at Proeflokaal. After this activity, the startups will visit Kitchen republic in Amsterdam.

Day 7 - The Hague

20 June 2023

During day 7 will happen the Workshop 4 Resources & Threshold: What are main risks hindering the internationalization process and resources needed to make it a success. After the Workshop, Peter Haring will provide a presentation followed by a Get to Know you session with every startup during lunch. Once they finish there, will be free time to work and by the end of the day the Spanish Trade Office will host some drinks and tapas in their office.

Day 8 - GA, Workshop and Rotterdam.

21 June 2023

On this day, the fifth Growth Advisory session will take place between every startup and mentor.

Afterward, the Workshop on Partnership Development 2 will commence. In the afternoon, startups will be in Rotterdam and enjoy lunch at Vegan Junk Food. Following that, UpRotterdam will offer a presentation about the city's ecosystem. Afterward, we will embark on a city tour and take a ride through the Port of Rotterdam via a watertaxi.

Day 9 - Wrap up

22 June 2023

During the afternoon of this day, there will be a visit of Impact City and Sibo presentation. After the lunch in Titaan there will be time discuss feedback, needs and constraints to define a relevant roadmap.

At the end of the day, startups will join the drinks of Titaan Thursday and finally we will have dinner together at Kompaan.

Day 10 - Farewell desafía 2023

23 June 2023

On the final day of the program, there will be another day with no activities, to give the participants the opportunity to work and prepare for their trip home.