Aug 13 2019

The New York Times Highlights the Best Dishes at Mercado Little Spain

From the roast suckling pig and the xuixo to sparkling lemonade and bread with tomato, the Spanish food hall offers a feast for the senses

Best Dishes at Mercado Little Spain

The New York Times recently profiled the massive Spanish food hall in New York City, Mercado Little Spain, a pioneering project from superchefs José Andrés and Ferrán and Albert Adrià.

The critic gave the project a glowing review, saying that he found “more great food and drink per square foot than anywhere else in New York.” He added that the food available is authentic and prepared just as it should be, which should delight consumers.

He also offered a list of the best, most delicious products and dishes on offer—not-to-be-missed delicacies that everyone should try. One example is the roast suckling pig, served at the restaurant Leña. The Ibérico piglets are shipped from Spain to New York and roasted in an open fire pit. The cheesecake is also spectacular, made with a bit of blue cheese and available at Spanish Diner, Granja and Pasteles within the market.

Another standout is the liquid olive, a former elBulli creation using spherification and served at La Barra and Bar Celona. For a sweet treat try the drunken pineapple, made with dark rum, mint and lime zest at Leña, Spanish Diner and Frutas y Verduras. Visitors need to try the churros with chocolate, which speaks for itself and can be ordered at Spanish Diner and Churros. Another dish to try is the elBulli-style prawns, created by Ferran Adrià back in 1997. It’s being served at Mar.

Additional recommendations include chistorra sausage with french fries, from La Barra; Galician ham with boiled potatoes; pork empanada, from Bocatas y Empanadas; and Valencian-style paella, at Paella al Plato.

Best Dishes at Mercado Little Spain