Sanygran is the result of a food innovation project started by a team of people with more than 20 years’ experience in the nutrition and healthy eating sector. The original aim of this project was to develop an extruded food product out of legumes and cereals which could substitute meat and be suitable for people who do not eat animal-based food products, such as vegans and vegetarians.


Green&Great is a FoodTech company whose mission is to research and develop products that integrate into people's diets in a natural way to contribute to the sustainability of the planet. All products under our brand Green&Great are own and unique developments.

Always Tasty, Healthy and Sustainable.


Vegasauria is an innovative company whose goal is to make the best vegan cheeses in the world, which we are proud to sell and recommend to our families and friends. And we want to do it in the healthiest, most sustainable, honest and loving way possible.

We only use ingredients of vegetable origin and in which there has been no type of animal exploitation. Our vegan cheese making and maturing procedures are based on traditional cheesemaking techniques, always trying to maintain a craft vision.




The Spanish Chorizo Consortium is an association of companies that brings businesses from the Spanish meat industry together – all of them experts in the production and export of chorizo – with the objective to produce and market authentic and high quality Spanish chorizo.

The Consortium of Spanish Chorizo seal guarantees one origin – Spain – and a unique warranty. It certifies control of the product in a thorough way, creating a distinctive and recognised brand for its commercialisation in national markets.



The company name comes from the word ‘brindis’, to raise one’s glass in a toast, and their work over the past 30 years has been to toast and celebrate the varied cultures, landscapes and, above all the exceptional foods of Spain.

Thirty years on the business has grown to include:

– A wholesale business providing hundreds of different products to many of the country’s finest restaurants, delis and food halls.

– One of the first retail outlets in Borough Market, Southwark, now regarded as being among the finest food markets in Britain.

– A Spanish cheese and charcuterie delicatessen in Balham, South London, including freshly carved iberico bellota ham.

– Five groundbreaking tapas bars and restaurants in Central London, all certified with ICEX’s Restaurants from Spain quality seal.

– A state of the art warehouse and distribution centre in Balham which includes cheese maturing rooms and optimal storage conditions for Ibérico meats, charcuterie, nuts, chocolate, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables.

– Hugely popular ham schools, where customers learn the essentials of carving jamón and to determine the best wine pairings with our experts.

– An online shop, which ensures that their delicious Spanish foods are available throughout the UK, whenever and wherever you need them.

Companies represented:

Quesos Torralba
 Torralba Mahon semi cured D.O.P.
Formatge Bauma 
Queserias del Tiétar
Monte Enebro
Finca Pascualete
La Retorta raw ewes milk
Finca Pascualete
Pastura with truffles ewes' milk cheese 
Queserías 1605

Truffle cheese Sierra la Solana

1605 Manchego min. 11 months D.O.P.

Conservas la Brújula 
La Brujula sardines 16-20
 Catrineta Conserveira 

Catrineta sardines in escabeche, 6/8 pieces

 Catrineta sardines in tomato sauce, 3/5 pieces 

Conservas Nardín

Nardin anchovy fillets in olive oil tin

Nardin boquerones- pickled white anchovies

Nardin smoked anchovy fillets 

Conservas Ortiz

Ortiz bonito ventresca (tuna belly) in o/o

Ortiz bonito tuna fillets in o/o



Ultracomida began in Aberystwyth in 2001, as a small deli with takeout options which then expanded to include a small cellar seating area. Their primary focus was on cheeses and meats from Spain. From day one, they have imported directly from the producer, with Gomeoliva being one of their very first suppliers.

In 2005 they opened the second Ultracomida in Narberth. The focus here was a larger, family-friendly, daytime only, shared seating restaurant area and they added wines to their range.

2010 saw the beginning of their entry into online sales with their website selling the full range of their Spanish produce across most of mainland UK, while their wholesale business from the Aberystwyth warehouse also began to grow.

In 2016 they opened Curado Bar in Cardiff, certified with the Restaurants from Spain quality seal. Based on the pinxto bars of northern Spain, this has much more of a city centre bar feel with the emphasis on the quality of the produce and the informal style of Spanish eating.

Their latest venture is a tiny space next door to Curado Bar in Cardiff, called VERMUT, opened in March 2020.

Companies represented:

Conservas La Gaviota
 Arroyabe yellow fin tuna
Aceitunas Bernal
Bernal gordal picante olives
Chacinerias Díaz
Díaz hand carved Duroc ham plates
Doña Leonor Alburquerque 
Goats’ cheese with rosemary and oregano
Pasamontes Rústica
Pasamontes ORO Manchego cheese 
Pan de Olivo Regañás
Embutidos Geal
Grupo Choví Choví allioli
Bodega Cuatro Rayas Cuatro Rayas Vermouth 61
Terraverne Almazara 555 Extra Virgin Olive Oil